Support Police & First Responders

Will is proudly endorsed by the Dallas Police Association for his commitment to our men and women in law enforcement. Will is a vocal proponent of our first responders and will work to ensure our local police departments have the resources they need to keep every last officer, first responder, and citizen safe.

Lead Covid-19 Response & Recovery

As a pharmacist on the frontlines, Will is familiar with the devastation that the COVID-19 pandemic has unleashed throughout North Texas. With unique industry knowledge, Will is well-positioned to lead the response and recovery against this dangerous pandemic.

Create Jobs & Grow the Economy

As a business owner, Will understands what’s at stake for working-class families. With that in mind, he’s ready to pursue a rich and robust job creation and economic growth platform specifically designed to ensure that North Texans can return to work and businesses can flourish.

Secure the Border

Will is committed to securing our border and keeping our communities safe from human traffickers, gangs, and drug smugglers.

Provide Property Tax Relief

Will plans to fight for every last dollar to ensure that North Texans receive the relief that is very much owed to them. Will will fight for lower taxes and tax relief programs for all.

Improve Roads & Transportation

Just how Will believes in modern pharmaceutical technology, he also believes in modern infrastructure as the way forward. Will plans to support innovative infrastructure projects that surround improved roads, more effective and efficient means of public transportation, and other related civic projects.

Balance The Budget

As a businessman, Will understands the importance of a balanced budget, and he has the knowledge, skills, experience, and creativity to get it done at the State House.

Make Healthcare Affordable

Throughout his time as a pharmacist and business owner, Will has seen first-hand just how expensive and out of reach healthcare can be for the ordinary family. With that in mind, Will is poised to advocate for more affordable healthcare access, so that every North Texan can rest assured knowing that when they’re in need of medical assistance, it won’t break the bank.

Invest In Education

As we prepare to leave what we’ve built to the generation next in line, it’s absolutely critical that this generation is prepared to take up the challenge of moving our world forward – and that begins with education. Will advocates for a robust public school system designed to offer our children a modern education for the modern world that they live in.